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Our vision is to provide support, knowledge and expertise on sport integrity issues such as combating sports manipulations, anti-doping and harassment to stakeholders in the relevant areas: sport organizations, betting operators and regulators, transnational organizations, law enforcement, prosecution services and judicial authorities, at the operational and strategic levels

Expert, partner and support in integrity of sport,
investigation and good governance.


Our mission is to foster a common understanding amongst the experienced key players involved in the area of sport integrity and to introduce the same interpretation of these phenomena to newcomers.

There is a gap in the understanding of the phenomenon of sport integrity. This gap is not only between the private and the public sectors but also amongst the actors within each sector.

We invest significant effort in presenting the hidden side of these issues to our partners whether the issue is on sport manipulation, doping or harassment.

We are all about helping our partners to be adequately prepared and to take proper measures if an alert to sport integrity emerges.


What are our main scopes?


  • Manipulation in sports, match-fixing & corruption
  • Doping
  • Harassment
  • Misuse of the cyberspace for sport – related criminal & disciplinary issues and
  • Other sport integrity subject matters