About the company


CSCF & Partners is a consultancy with substantial experience in the field of countering the manipulation of sport competitions, whether from the law enforcement, sport and judicial or betting perspective but also in other filed of sport integrity such as doping, harassment and corruption.

Our experts have over two decades of experience in combating serious crimes, developing integrity in sport and in building good governance strategies. They have also been playing an important role in running match-fixing, doping and other integrity cases in Europe since 2010. They have gained experience in identifying and investigating serious criminals with sport related crimes of their portfolio. Their expertise includes establishing and operating integrity teams to combat anti – integrity activities in sport. They have also worked on national and regional capacity building and strategizing in various integrity topics.

We believe that sports- and the athletes in particular, are vulnerable to integrity related issues such as the manipulation of sport competitions, doping or any from of harassment. Their perilous situation is often caused by serious criminals, they need external assistance to protect themselves.

About Us

We are therefore aware of

  • The existence and risks of this phenomenon from all aspects: law enforcement, the sport and the betting industry, the use of sport by criminals as a vector for offences and
  • The vulnerability of sport to inflitrate by opportunistic and systematic criminals

We aim to provide solutions to the problem at all levels:

  • Developing integrity programs
  • Drafting of disciplinary procedures
  • Investigative support
  • Drafting national or international strategic and policy- making tactics
  • Advising on legislation on combating sport manipulation/match fixing, doping, harassment and other type of integrity issues

Our managing partner

Our managing partner is Norbert Rubicsek. Mr. Rubicsek is a lawyer and former police officer, specializing in sport related criminal issues. He has 20 years of experience in law enforcement, as an investigator and analyst for the Hungarian Police, dealing with organized crime investigations at national and international level. His last assignment was at the European Law Enforcement Agency (Europol). As an intelligence officer and project manager, he was responsible for managing, supporting, advising and coordinating investigations and other measures of European and international law enforcement agencies of on sports corruption, match fixing and manipulation, misusing betting and money laundering in sport. He was also tasked to draft and represent the EU law enforcement strategy on fighting sports corruption and manipulation, betting and money laundering in sport.

He has been collaborating with representatives of law enforcement agencies, judicial authorities, the sport movement and betting authorities of the 28 EU Member States, Switzerland, US, Australia, Moldova as well as Interpol, Eurojust, UNODC and the Council of Europe for almost a decade.