Our Services


In the framework of adjustable/tailor-made training, the participants are introduced to:

  • Competition/event manipulation and all forms of corruption in sport (including misuse of the sport betting industry)
  • Doping
  • Harrassment
  • Other sport integrity related issues
  • Legal issues and solutions on sport integrity
  • Cyberspace and sport


Our consultancy offers advice to clients in order to evaluate their situation and possible association to match fixing, manipulation in sport, corruption in sport,  anti-doping, harrasment and other integrity issues unbeknown to them. We run enquiries and studies regarding situation within the client’s jurisdiction as well, with regard to.

This may include interviewing players and officials and studying their financial documentation, as well as investigating all the available sources.

We offer our expertise to law enforcement and judicial authorities in order to support any procedures launched that may have links to investigating match fixing cases.

Building an integrity unit/position

Our consultancy offers assistance to sport bodies to establish their:

  • Regulations on integrity, with a special emphasis on combating match fixing, corruption in sport, anti-doping and harrasment including analysis of regulations
  • Whistle-blower system
  • Network(s) of integrity at national and international level

Building integrity programs

Utilising relevant experts and with in-depth research, we assist federations and other sport associations with the establishment of customised integrity programs:

  • Online education tools for athletes and officials
  • Presentation and lectures
  • Designing curricula

Representation in disciplinary proceedings, up to and including CAS

We offer our potential to represent sport bodies or athletes in sport disciplinary procedures including representation in front federations and up to of the Court of Arbitration for Sport